Fresh Fish Rolls

-Charlie's Roll
shrimp tempura & cucumber inside, spicy tuna on top
-Shrimp Roll
w/ soybeen paper, shrimp, asparagus, avacado & crab
-Alaska Roll
smoked salmon, avacado, asparagus & crabmeat
-Rainbow Roll
(7 diffrent kids of fish)
-Spicy Tuna Rice Crunch Roll
rice deep fried spicy tuna on the top
-Jin's Roll spicy tuna, shrimp salad, cucumber inside & salmon
-Play Boy Roll cream cheese, shrimp salad inside & salmon outside
-Oh Baby real crab, vegetable inside & tuna outside
-Cucumber Special real crab & vegetable inside w/ cucumber rapped around
-Ichi Roll real crab inside & shrimp outside
-Ultimate Bob Roll shrimp tempura &fresh water eel on the tob albacore
-Sushi Taco  
-Sumo Roll spicy tuna, salmon, crab inside & avacado outside
-Salmon Lemon Roll  

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